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Our Family


Customers turn into family at The Chapel @ Whispering Pines!   When it comes to planning a special event we believe that all the dreams and details should flow right into a beautiful event for you and your guests.  We know how easy it is to become bogged down with the weight of planning a "perfect" event, so we want to help alleviate some of that stress and help you enjoy every second of the process.  Our years of experience are at your fingertips and we can help you organize your thoughts and dreams ... and your budget .... so that the stress melts away and you feel like a welcomed guest at your own event.  We look forward to meeting you, serving you, and helping you celebrate the most precious events of your life.

Paul & Rhonda Walters

Paul & Rhonda are the owners of The Chapel @ Whispering Pines.  They've lived on the property since the summer of 2011 and have enjoyed more blessings from their country farm than they are able to count.  When they arrived, the existing barn was home to a few horses who were living out their days eating grass and enjoying visits from passersby.  It wasn't long before the Walters opened up the barn as a boarding facility for those wishing to care for their horses in a peaceful place where they could enjoy their animals and the beautiful, peacefulness of the property.  Paul and Rhonda began to see their faith being exercised as they built beautiful relationships with those owners and through the horses that brought them there.  

With nearly 15 years of catering experience under her belt, Rhonda has kept the doors to her home - and the barn - propped open to anyone who wished to come enjoy the peacefulness of their place.  Strangers have become friends at Whispering Pines and the couple is eager to share their skills, their talents, and this beautiful place with anyone seeking a peaceful, authentic and rustic venue for their next event.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet Paul and Rhonda Walters and allow them to help you celebrate with the ones you love your next event.   You'll find their love for one another and for the people who come to their farm contagious!  The Chapel @ Whispering Pines was built just for you.

All Their Children

Paul and Rhonda Walters not only love their farm and helping to coordinate and host events, they have been blessed over and over again with their children.  Their marriage was a blended one, or as Rhonda would joke, "in the blender", so their children are the perfect reflection of that.  Rhonda says of their kids, "he had three, I had one, we made one, and then we found some."   

Here's their lineup:

Wesley, is the oldest of the tribe, followed by number two in line, Jacob.  Caleb was the third in the first "batch" of kids.  He now has two precious children, Harper Grace and Brayden.  Ryan is next, and he came to Mississippi with Rhonda, from Sooner Country... Oklahoma.  Ryan married the love of his life, Sarah, and they have a beautiful daughter, Evelie.   The couple then "made" Sam, as Rhonda would say, and they are watching him grow into a man in front of their very eyes.   Finally, as God and love would have it, the couple found Dalton, who serves our communities in law enforcement. 

In looking around the property and the community there's a real sense that Paul and Rhonda have even more "children" than this.  Their open arms and open hearts have loved countless others into their fold and it shows in their eyes.

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