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Our Service to You

Congratulations from all of us at The Chapel @ Whispering Pines.  It's such an exciting time in your life and we are here to celebrate with you.  

Deep within the heart of The Chapel lies a passion for service.  That's who we are.  The Brides and Grooms who come to us are our top priority.   Our desire is to see the New Bride and Groom be honored while the guests of the event are pampered with genuine love.  We'll walk step by step with you as you plan and pursue your dream wedding.  

The Chapel @ Whispering Pines was built just for you... so that your Wedding Day would be a beautiful, peaceful day that you'll look back and remember for years to come. 

Our Packages

Compare our services and see which option best suits you.

We look forward to working alongside our Brides and Grooms to make your 

Wedding Weekend as beautiful as the dreams you've had in your heart!

Updated : 03/2022



Use of The Chapel for Rehearsal & 

Wedding & Reception

Service Personnel for the Weekend

Use of The Chapel for Bridal Photography session



Use of The Chapel for Wedding & Reception

Service Personnel for the Event

Use of The Chapel for Bridal Photography session



Use of the Chapel for Wedding Reception

Service Personnel for the Reception

Our Prayer for You

The greatest service that we offer here at The Chapel is ourselves. Our heart’s desire is that you would begin your new life together as husband and wife in a peace-filled, prayerful place and that you will know that you are loved. Our attention to detail is not by accident at all. God has gifted us to pay attention to the things that matter to you, because you matter to us. When you choose to begin your marriage at The Chapel @ Whispering Pines, we take that very personally… and we take your trust very seriously! You could choose anywhere on the planet to share this special day so we are honored that you would choose our little farm and we want to bless you with the most beautiful Wedding Weekend ever.

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